~designing in harmony with the Earth can create jewelry that satisfies the human spirit~

  • Sandoval Signpost Article – October, 2014 – Beading the Spirits of History:The Jewelry of Geri Verble


  • Wild Hearts Gallery, 221 NM 165, Placitas, NM


  • Published Work: BeadStyle Magazine, November 2008,

            Gallery: “An African Christmas” necklace.



​​About the Artist

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Jewelry artist Geri Verble in her Placitas studio
Photo credit: Oli Robbins

​​​​Artist’s Statement
Verble says: “I begin my design by choosing a bead or pendant that I have collected from around the world.  Many of these treasures come from third-world countries as well as co-ops that work with some of the world’s poorest people. There is much intrigue found in international artisan work. Each ancient bead and ethnic ornament tells a story and has a spiritual energy that flows through each piece.  That energy guides me as I design. From the intricate work of the African lost wax brass beads, to the silver repousse pendants from Nepal, or the masterful metalwork of the Tuareg desert men from Niger, these stories take us to a different time and place and remind us that somehow we are all connected.  I believe designing in harmony with the Earth can create jewelry that satisfies the human spirit.”


Geri Verble, a jewelry design artist in Placitas, New Mexico, specializes in tribal and ethnic jewelry.  Verble developed a passion for collecting ethnic beads and pendants while travelling with the Peace Corps.  Bead collecting not only became a zeal for her, but a journey into learning about the history of beads.  Majoring in Theatre Arts in college, Verble’s focus was in Stagecraft Design.  This sense of design has influenced her work in creating one-of-a-kind, exceptional designs.  One of Verble’s pieces, “An African Christmas” was featured in BeadStyle Magazine, November 2008.